5 common myths about Masturbation

It’s seems that masturbation is not so much popular due to its bad reputation and less information among society. Mainly in the age of 16-50 masturbation is a common thing in sexuality between both men and women and any other gender. One thing I want to tell you that its nothing wrong to do masturbation but in limits. Men are higher in number in this sexual process and about 80 percent of men do masturbation at age of 24-29. Most people think that masturbation is a private sexual activity that can’t be shared with society and on the public.

In this blog, you find the most common myths about masturbation in the daily life of people and it might be helpful for you if you are facing the same problems.

Does masturbation cause blindness

So many people around the world think that due to masturbation it leads to a diagnosis of blindness which is totally deflated. Many researchers found that so many people masturbate 3 times a day or so for months and years but they are not facing any disease. Sometimes a couple also used to masturbate because they want the alternative of sexual pleasure.

People feel awkward and embarrassed about masturbation

Sometimes it’s too awkward in society or with your sex partner to talk about masturbation. But there is nothing to worried when you talk about it with your partner. First, it may be possible he/she feels strange about it but when you do it together then it would be pretty easy to discuss.

How much is too much

First of all, you have to understand that masturbation doesn’t put any physical or mental effect if you are doing it in thrice a day. But when it becomes breakout for your problem in your sex life then it can cause damage to your health and increase your guilt, shame, and anxiety.

Shower Massager as an option for masturbate

Women need some privacy for masturbating and we can’t be denied that a shower massager is a great option. Mostly women prefer shower massager as their third option after real sex and sex toys. It’s not harmful while masturbating with shower massager to reach orgasm.

But if we talk about its disadvantage then don’t put a lot of water in your vagina during masturbation. It’s can cause you yeast infection around your vagina and serious damage to its natural balance. So make some distance while using it and don’t put it very close to the vagina.

Hard to get orgasm during intercourse

Some women asked me that, why they are facing problems to reach orgasm while sex with a partner. Is it due to engaging in masturbation daily? So let me clear it first that, Masturbation is not a problem. It is common among 40 percent of women in the society who are struggling through this situation. Mostly women in real sex reach orgasm after sensation on clitoris and friction generated by penis around it. But unfortunately, it seems that some time penis doesn’t spend a lot of time around the clitoris and it’s hard to achieve orgasm.


Prepare yourself physically and mentally both and try to believe that masturbation is not a factor of fear, anxiety, and shame in your sexual life. You have to share your feelings and about your personal with your partner in this matter.

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