Features That Differentiate a Sex Robot from Other Sex Toys

Sex robots and sex toys are two different things. Of course, both of them are used to have sexual pleasure. But a sex robot looks like a human being whereas the sex toys are designed for replicating a vagina or a penis. 

Sex toys are special items, available in tactile and elegant designs. These toys are used by many for masturbation and they have been in circulation for a long time. On the other hand, the industry creating sex robots is trying every means to replicate sexual satisfaction in human beings as much as possible. 

According to the sex robots users, many people swear by these sex dolls. Their ultra-realistic features make them a preferred choice.  Let’s have a look at the top features which differentiate a sex robot from other sex toys. 

Realistic sex dolls

Sex robots are available for both men and women. They are realistic sexbots that can enhance your sex life, whether you are alone or together. They are lifelike and can offer ultimate sexual satisfaction and can make masturbation or even sex amazing.  

Soft-touch skin

These erotic dolls are made of pure silicone or plastic components. They are designed for looking and feeling just like real women. They are termed as an inflatable sex toy that can be enjoyed from both the back and front. 

Body shapes

You can find sex robots from my robot doll in various body shapes. Apart from this, they are available in different skin tones, offers a choice of hair, eye color, breast size, and some hand-painted features like veining or freckles. They can be tall or short and can range from 80 to 100 pounds in their weight. 

Customizable features

The buyers of these sex robots can customize them as per their choice. You can find various character types like sensual, shy, moody, jealous, talkative, and many more. 

Artificial intelligence

This feature has made a huge impact on the sex doll industry. These robots are used for blow jobs, sexual intercourse, masturbation, and much more. Women and men were already enjoying realistic sex dolls, but now they can well interact with them as well. All of this was possible only because of artificial intelligence. 

Sensitive to touch

These sex dolls have sensors programmed on their hands, breasts, face, and vagina. This allows them to feel when you touch them and react. Just like a real human being, they enjoy cuddling, kissing, and foreplay. The sensual feeling is almost mutual. 

Heated body

The sex robots are well-equipped with a heated body system. It can easily warm up the body and be warm to touch, give hugs just like a normal human being does. 


Sex robots are handmade and promise to offer high-end satisfaction to its users. Sexbots are lifelike in their looks and feel. They can also be used in different positions. One can bend its legs, arms, and torso to whichever position you feel like. 


With so many features of these realistic sex dolls, you can now let your imagination go wild. For added flavor, dress up your sex robot in your favorite lingerie and have a sexy time with them.  

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