You have just finished dinner, perhaps a good restaurant of his choice, waiting for the check to arrive. finally, there was a lovely evening after days of meeting and talking and chatting through the phone screen to find out more. now, there is an undertaking to silence but negotiations are still going on. both of you are accepting that the date is over, but a question is ringing in your head, “shall we kiss tonight?”

firstly kisses yes, Bollywood, Hollywood, novels, songs have almost everywhere thrilled to ask when exactly the right time or is this unbearable pressure to go into that kiss?

It has been fed into our society that the girl will always wait for the male to take a step, but times are changing and maybe she will go for it but what if she does not? would you like to allow the occasion to be sealed in the right evening?

It’s definitely a good idea to make sure the date went for her as well as she did for you, but you don’t want to be desperate either. usually, if you have read the signs correctly, she is probably giving it to you all night, then you will know without asking.

Consent is always important. If you two have talked about it or it has been clarified, then just work overtime. there will often be an ideal moment for a moment at which it is believed that the right kiss is dying for both of you.

if you are going to leave her home in her car, she will say goodbye to him and a light beak on the lips would be ideal to see if she wants to take it further. be careful that no one can see you, our country and its neighborhood.

if your paths separate the moment you exit the restaurant or bar, there is probably some congestion. take him to the cab / auto and find an adorable moment when bidding adieu and leave him wanting more.

if the two of you have already planned to spend the night together, then wait until you get home. it is sweet and thoughtful, even though it is about tonight.

no matter how much the world changes, we all have a little romanticism that sometimes craves clichés. i’m still waiting for my foot pop kissing moment. so what if the first kiss of your life was not the magical moment it was supposed to be, you would always have a second chance at a first kiss with someone new! keep it simple, keep it real and read the signs.

Make Your First Night Extra Special

There is no doubt that the wedding night is special for all couples. Whether or not you have sex first, a jolt of excitement and your mind is set because it is your first night as a husband and wife. It promotes the arrival of new beginnings in your life and leaves behind a trail of cherished memories. 

Naturally, you want to make it unforgettable and surprise your husband with romantic sex ideas.

Well, don’t fret. We covered you with the first night’s recipe as well as Mast, Naughty and Practical.

Talk About it Before Marriage: 

It is important that your mind is ready like your body to enjoy the first night with Sex Toys.

Learn about each other’s sexual likes, dislikes, and fantasies, in an open, honest conversation before tying the knot. Ideally, you should also discuss whether you want to use condoms, birth pills, or any other type of protection on the first night and even later. If you are about to do your periods around that time, you will want to tell your husband about it.You can postpone the wedding night or consult your doctor so that periods are not delayed.

If you are a virgin bride, you want to talk about your concerns and seek reassurance from her. Alternatively, you can talk to your sexually active friends to learn about their experiences and get some suggestions. This type of conversation will help you and your partner. It help you to get out of the weirdo and understand each other’s sexual preferences.

Set a flirt for the night

Expected to arrive, construction begins a few hours before the wedding night. Get out your nervous energy by flirting with each other as you go about meeting the guests. Steal some emotional kisses away from prying eyes, hold your eyes, hold hands and talk if you can. This will increase sexual tension and increase your craving towards each other.

Create a dreamy atmosphere

In all likelihood, your wedding night room will be lined with flowers and candles. However, if you have particularly romantic ideas for a husband, tell your friends, cousins ​​, or hotel staff. For example, you might want the room to have some special flower arrangements other than roses, a bottle of her favorite wine/champagne / mini booze, love notes are written on the mirror, romantic instrumental music, scented massage oil, strawberries, and chocolate, or a bag full of fragrant soaps and scrubs for bathing with. These small details will set the erotic mood for the first night.

To attract dress

Tradition says that a bride should wear her wedding dress. When your husband lifts your veil, it can be a big turn-on for him. However, if you prefer something sensual and casual, then buy a sex toy women sexy lounger for the first night. Wear something seductive or frills that kicks him with his feet and gets carried away as he wishes.

Close the doors of the world

Maybe your friends and relatives want to have fun at your expense and ruin your special night by surprising you. So, just hang the ‘Don’t disturb’ sign outside the door and put the phone on silent mode (for private handsets as well as room service in hotels) before leaving for the big night.It should be just you and your husband, let everything else fade into the pool of your love and lust.

Play with Sex Toys

If you and your husband have already had active sex with each other before marriage and want to increase excitement on the wedding night, you can do a sex toy or adult game. Make your sexual escape more exciting with vibrators, dildos, and other adult toys. These first-night wedding tips for the bride should prepare you to enjoy the moments without any hindrance. Finally, just remember that trust and intimacy is more important than having a physical relationship on the first night. Sex can always happen later.

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