Sex Fantasy

It can simply be determined as a pattern of thoughts that can enhance sexual arousal of a person sexuality. it can be created by memories of a person.if the sexual arousal of a person is rises then automatically it will increase sexual fantasies.
Top 10 of Sexual Fantasies

1.Taboo Sex

Sexual Relations among the same family member and sex with that person who is out of bound. It could be anyone, maybe your friend, classmate, and someone who is related to your blood maybe like your cousin or brother in law. Generally, Taboo sex fantasy increases at the age of 13 to 35 years.

2.Sex with Stranger

If you instantly meet someone to whom you don’t know anything about him or her and hotness level is top on a chart then your brain creates a mental image to having sex with him or her.
For example, you find any stranger in a mall, marriage reception, traveling on a train, or any other gatherings, and having sex without knowing each other.

3. Group Sex

Group Sex relates to the sexual behavior of having sex more than two partners. Mainly it takes place in parties, massage parlor swinger gathering. Some people often try to hide it but some others are open-minded on this matter.

4. Cheat Sex

This type of fantasy occurs between the age of 21 to 38 years among both males and females. It gradually increases in a long-distance relationship and sometimes when you get totally bored due to continuous sex with your sex partner and you want to explore with others.

5. School Fantasy

Teenagers are very quick to explore anything. it also happens with their sexual behavior of having sex in school with someone they really liked a can be sex with your school girlfriend, maybe your teacher or other staff in the school.

6. Public Sex

This is a popular sex fantasy having a sex in a public area like a dark alleys movie theatre open park and beaches. 

7. Unusual Location
Your imaginings heat up after having sex with your partner in hotel rooms, kitchen, bathroom and on a sex club. 

8. Cosplay

Sex in a specific costume creates more excitement than others fantasies. you can try a lot of costumes whether it may be supernatural costume(Batman? Superman?) or might be some others like a police officer and doctor’s costumes.

9. Sex with Celebrity

After a survey, about 53% of women are reported as having this type of sex fantasy. it is clearly seen that women get a copyright on this type of fantasy. Sometimes it is a good experience for someone and sometimes really bad. Best places for having sex are celebrity parties, national and international events or festivals.

10. Sex in the Air

Once, My friend told me that his partner insists him to lift her up for better orgasm when they are doing Sex. Sometimes, its a really good choice for both man and women to explore their capabilities.

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