Sex Toys For Women


Women use sex toys more as compare to men. Nowadays many women are using sex toys to complete their sexual desire. Sex toys are highly popular among those girls who are teenagers and a woman who is single,” wants to get better sexual experience during masturbation.

Top Sex toys

  • Vibrator     

It is a device for sexual pleasure or massage, about 52.5 percent of women used vibrators as fulfilling their sexual desire. When a woman puts a vibrator inside her vagina then vibrator starts creating a sensation between her vagina (muscular tube to the Uterus’s cervix). Such type of sex toys gives high satisfaction to the women and she feels close to sex.

  • Dildo 

The dildo is another popular sex toy for sexual penetration of mouth and vagina. people of Sexual orientations and all other gender used this device but most women have their first choice on it. A dildo is designed through different types of materials and its shape is just like the penis of a man. It is available in the market at a reasonable price, just go and get the experience of it.

  • Finger Vibrators   

You have to place a rubbery pad around your finger it creates seduction and your handwork like vibrators. An adjustable ring on pads gives support to create great pleasure during masturbation.

  • Strap on

  • Image result for strap onImage result for strap on

This type of sex toy is commonly used by both men and women. This is very popular among lesbian couples. A harness belt is attached with a dildo, girls get a lot of pleasure to penetrate her partner during sex.

  •  Massagers 

it is an electronic device that gives pleasurable sexual simulations to a woman. It is not the best option as a sex toy but sometimes it gives better sexual orgasm.

  • Vibrating Panties 

Yeah, it’s cool because it is hand free. If someone getting bored using fingers during masturbation then they should try these types of sex toys. You have no need to use your hand but just to wear vibrating panties and switch it on through remote or smartphone. These type of sex toys are available with different parameters, you have to set your best parameter to get pleasure through it.


How much Sex Toys are Important for Women?

It is a pretty cool question and it leaves the various type of answers from different societies all around the World. Some of them think that the use of sex toys is good to use and it can complete women’s sexual desire with great pleasure. Some of them said that sex toys help to increase sexual health if they use in proper ways and it is also helpful for the patient who is suffering through menopausal symptoms like vaginal pain and tightness.

 Around the world

In Western and other European countries sex toys are widely used and there is a continuous increment in sales sex toys. Women getting much more mature than before and get inspired by other women. In North Asian countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, “sex toys are acceptable in society but in South Asian Countries, These sex toys are not acceptable in society. Like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, people are not fully literate about Sex toys and get afraid of using it. Some of them, use sex toys but keep it away from others to know about there personal.



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