Sexual Addiction and its treatment

When someone thinks about more sex and maybe engage with sexual activity then normal then it means he is facing Sexual Addiction which also knows as hypersexuality. This type of diagnosis is mainly found on those people who are highly engage with masturbation, sex with more then one partner, and paid sex.

Is sex addiction real?

Yes, bro, Sex addiction is totally real! It can generally happen with anyone who is single, full of stress, anxiety, and maybe due to shame and depression. One who is facing this problem should have to go to a proper consultant.

Type of Sex addiction:-

1. Prostitution

2. Affairs

3. Fantasy

4. Exhibition

5. Regular masturbation

Sign of sexual Addiction:-

  1. Feeling guilt after sex
  2. Uncontrollable effort to stop this behavior
  3. Putting yourself in danger due to this sexual diagnosis
  4. Feel negativity in personal or other works
  5. Engage in Sexual thoughts and fantasies
  6. Boredom and dysphoric states

Physical Symptoms of Sexual Addiction:-

Sexual Addiction can cause so many physical symptoms in your body. It’s the first symptom when you will try to stop yourself to engage in this addiction but you see it just impossible to do that. During sexual activity, it can cause erectile dysfunction which stops you to give satisfaction to your sex partner. Another sign of hypersexuality relates to the depletion of immune power in your body which makes you weak to fight against diseases.

Emotional Symptoms of sexual addiction:-

When you are emotionally attached to your sex partner who has a diagnosis of sex addiction then you totally broke up by heart. Emotional symptoms can be seen due to the regular problems faced by the couple. It’s near to be a disaster for a relationship when any of them tried to cheat and it can break their relationship in a few minutes.


  1. Manage your Stress:- Try to engage in physical exercise and used to play indoor and outdoor games helps you reduce can help you to overcome through it.
  2. Build your relationship in the proper way again:- Building your relationship stronger with your partner helps you to come out from this problem. You have to share each and everything and please don’t lie to each other. Telling your partner about your sex problem is less difficult to face it alone.
  3. Attend Sex education program:- There are so many sex education programs is organized from the different organizations all around the world. Here you can share your problem with other people like you who are facing the same problem. It makes you mentally fit and you will also learn how to get out of it.
  4. Meditation:- Here you have another choice to get the best results. You can attend yoga classes in your cities or you can do self meditation. There is so many online yoga programs that can help you to find a permanent solution.
  5. Find alternatives that are not harmful:- Engage yourself in other works like painting, sketching, swimming, trekking, etc. it will stop you to think about the sexual process and avoid your addiction.
  6. Find an online support group to avoid this type of diagnosis:- If you don’t want to share your problem with others due to shame than you have to move through internet to find a solution. Here you can get a solution through various online sex education blog and articles which gives you a perfect solution.

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