Sexual Tension

Yeah, you are on the right blog to know about that does it really make sense of “sexual tension” in somebody’s life, then the answer is “yes” but it has both positive and negative sides.

First of all, I am going to tell you what sexual tension is and how it works and then we know how it works positively and negatively.

Let’s make it very clear if someone has feelings of sexual desire for anyone in his blood relation, friends or others in society but due to fear or any other cause, the physical relation doesn’t happen then this is known as sexual tension. In this situation, their brain and body start feeling physically active with each other but due to out of bound or fear the sexual intercourse didn’t happen between them.

It can also happen between two people who have previous sexual relations and they still think to make physical relation but they have fear of any mishappening in their life that they really don’t want.


> Odd Atmosphere

When two people come close to each other they feel an odd atmosphere around them. An atmosphere is created between both of them which is maybe quiet and awkward. They may be continuously laughing and smiling at each other on every topic.

>The way of conversation

The way of conversation between two people may be awkward and they feel a lot of struggle if they have sexual tension between them. Sometimes they think to have a good conversation between them but then the next moment they change their mind and keep themselves quiet, shy and may be different during a conversation.

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>Sexual desire in touching each other

If you are touching someone and you feel that you want more than touching like you want to be physical with him or her than it means sexual tension appears in yourself. No matter what, you are talking to each other or not but always try to stay close.

>Eye contact

This one is the best sign of Sexual Tension in mutual or an individual. You already know my friend’s eyes never tell lies. Deep eye contact and staring at each other means you may feel sexual desire for someone, and you will, again and again, try to look towards his or her eyes, shoulder and chest and feel like sexual harmony.

>Heart Rate

When anyone has sexual desire for someone then their heart rate immediately increases when they meet together. The hormones of the body and chemical oxytocin got a boost due to attraction between them and it tends to sexual harmony.

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>Positive and Negative sides

Mostly, it can be seen that Sexual tension is positive. Its positive side, you feel sweet expectations for sexual desire. But on the negative side, due to feeling of shame and anger and something else it makes you move towards shocking or disturbing sexual experiences like sexual abuse and sexual harassment with someone. So, Please be positive whenever you are in a situation of sexual tension and make the right decision.







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