Try New Sex Ideas in 2020

Hello Friends, Are you get bored in your sexual life and you want to spice it up? If you do, then I am here with some new sex ideas to help you to do more experimentation in your sex life.

Rip clothes of each other before sex

It’s a famous fantasy in which you and your partner rip clothes of each other which makes you feel like a different sexual satisfaction.

Wax Play

Use candles to complete this idea and drip some drop of warm wax to the different parts of your partner body. It is good for fun with wax but just a little warm.

Ejaculate on Partner face after sex

Ask your partner first about this idea because sometime it may be possible he/she won’t like it to do so. But it is a popular idea and everyone wants to do it once a time in their life.

Lick all parts of your partner’s body

Another good option to create a sensation in your sexual life. If you follow this idea then I hope it boosts up your sexual feelings and reduces stress before sex.

Wild and loud sex

When nobody at home, like your family member, friends and relative then you should try wild and loud sex. Dominate each other and be wild as you never before and feel this beautiful moment.

Sex in the forest

If you love to sex in open then the forest is the best option. Go and find someplace in the forest that is safe and secure and complete your fantasy.

Use sex’s toys together

This idea helps you to build a strong relationship with your partner. When you share things about sex toys with your partner then it builds trust between both of you. Sex toys are not acceptable in society, using sex toys together reduce your shame and guilt to the maximum level.

Sex music playlist

Collect some most favorite sex tracks and play it while the sex process. This type of idea tends you to do long-lasting sex with your partner.

Sex in foreign

Choose some other destination outside your country for sexual activity. Please ensure that where you want to go would be a secure and safe place.

Sex in Car

I never try this before but I think I have to do it once in life. It is near to be adventurous, and you will feel another level of orgasm.

Sex and porn

Play porn videos in low volume and enjoy sex. Use some private place where no one can see and only two of you have fun.

Morning and evening Sex

Sex with your partner only two times a day. First in the morning and late at night. I think sex in the morning will be the best sex you ever experienced before.

Slow Sex

Try super slow sex and it helps you to be more erotica. It is long-lasting and your penis spends a lot of time in the vagina. It helps your partner to feel the best orgasm as before.

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